Bin Weevils Wiki

Clott is Tink 's Best friend. Clott is a bit of a strange bin weevil because he sees the world in a different perspective to every other bin weevil. if clott ever works out what 1X2 is then he must have been hit by a stray moon beam. he is Tink's long suffering best friend and they are next door neighbors (that's when Clott

remembers where he LIVES) he is also the owner of a successful garden shop on Tycoon Island called Clott's Garden Plots. (Bin Tycoons go there to expand their gardens to grow more stuff and earn mulch to spend on cool things

Clott also stars with Tink in the bin weevils cartoon when they have an adventure. (cool fact: every episode ends up with at least 1 bin weevil yelling "Tink ! Clott!")

Clott has a fancy on Posh , but all he can seem to say to her is "Wibble" and every attempt to impress her goes totally wrong!

greatest ambition: impress Posh